New Jar Update

Please bear with us over the next 4-6 weeks: we are switching glass/decorating companies and until our container (!) arrives in September, we may temporarily be out of some jars.  Refill bags, both loose leaf and tea bags, will still be available during this time.

Those of you who have been with us since our launch in 2020 know what a hard time we have had sourcing glass and finding a company to powder coat them. It has been the source of much frustration (on your part and ours!). BUT, we found a fantastic company overseas that is now making and decorating our jars and lids.

We receive the first 20,000 in September. Overall they will look very similar but will be slightly taller (~1/2 inch) so they will hold 15 tea bags instead of 12. The screen printing will be more metallic and, honestly, much sexier.

Thank you for your continued support of good tea and small business – we never would have made it through the last couple of years without you!